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T-shirts & Poloshirts

T-shirts and poloshirts

An essential item for every wardrobe is a comfortable t-shirt. Whether you will be wearing it under your shirt and suit or casual combined with a jeans, a t-shirts always comes in handy. Like the soft, comfortable t-shirts by Zimmerli, which feel like a second skin under your shirt. You can also choose for the casual Eleventy t-shirts with jeans or a chino with a pair of leather Santoni sneakers.

A poloshirt is a perfect item for looking stylish when a t-shirt is a bit to simple for your taste. You can wear a, let's say Moncler poloshirt, with a knitted cardigan or jacket.
The Henley t-shirtis because of the absence of a collar a modern alternative to the classic polo. When you unbutton the upper button, you create a more casual look. You can wear a printed t-shirt underneath to give your outfit a bit more flair.

You can buy our luxury t-shirts and poloshirts for men online and in our OGER Stores.

  • Slim fit polo with knitted collar
  • Cotton branded t-shirt
  • Polo with short sleeves
  • Pocket tee
  • Cotton t-shirt with short sleeves
  • Polo 'Sebastian Tailored'
  • Washed cotton t-shirt with chest pocket
  • Wollen polo met lange mouwen
  • New
    Cotton t-shirt with short sleeves
  • New
    T-shirt with short sleeves in stretch-cotton