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Moncler coats and clothing: new stock added!

Moncler is a French-Italian clothing brand and was founded in 1952. Moncler started producing tents, raincoats and sleeping bags in a snowy town in the Alps called Monestier-de-Clermont (where they got their name from) and expanded their product line since then to high-quality luxury menswear. Famous for it's mountain gear, great men's poloshirts and iconic men's jackets, they now have a collection that has been known througout the whole world. With respectable names wearing it, ranging from Hollywood superstars Drake and Justin Timberlake to David Beckham and Orlando Bloom. Something that quite defines the league they are in. Have you already picked the Moncler item that will be rocking your outfit soon?

You can find Moncler menswear in the OGER Online Store and all physical Stores.

  • Hooded duck down waistcoat
  • Cotton branded t-shirt
  • Cotton sweater with emblem
  • Cotton sweatpants
  • Wool water resistent down jacket 'Rodin'
  • Slim fit polo with knitted collar
  • Sweater with logo
  • Quilted calf leather bikerjacket
  • Water resistent down bikerjacket 'Amiot'
  • 'Tancrede' jacket with shearling collar
  • Bikerjacket with double zipper 'Aubin'
  • Leather high-top sneakers 'Cyprien'
  • Down jacket
  • Water resistent down jacket 'Ardenne'
  • Suède platform sneakers
  • Wool down jacket 'Aramis'
  • Duck down parka 'Garcia'
  • Duck down bomberjacket 'Bradford'
  • Biker jacket Gard
  • Sweater with patches
  • Cotton beanie