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Alessandro Gherardi

Alessandro Gherardi shirts

Alessandro Gherardi produces beautiful industrial formal and casual shirts since the 1970s in their factory in the Tiberina Valley, Tuscany, Italy. Their collars are fashionable, have a nice small wide spread. The Alessandro Gherardi shirts are available as a single cuff or double cuff and all have a long sleeve length. The designer brand has beautiful tuxedos, business shirts, casual and denim shirts in plain, striped and piqué editions.

The Alessandro Gherardi Shirt Factory pursues a culture of quality, research and passion and shares this with all those involved in its mission. Their most important values are classic style, elegance, and formality. Due to great pricing of their fashionable shirts, Alessandro Gherardi gained a large group of fans at OGER.

You can buy the Alessandro Gherardi shirts online and in all OGER Stores.

  • Denim slim-fit button-down overhemd
  • Casual slim-fit button-down shirt
  • Slim-fit overhemd
  • Tuxedo shirt
  • Single cuff shirt
  • Double cuff shirt