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Our privacy policy

At OGER everyone is special and important, so also your privacy. From May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) came into effect and the current rules and laws concerning privacy have changed. This means a new privacy policy.

The most important changes at a glance:

✓ Manage and adjust your settings more easily in your account.

✓ Our privacy policy explained clearly and more clearly.

✓ More insight into what data we collect.

✓ More rights with regard to your personal data.

✓ If you share your information with us, we will use it to help you better and faster with all the steps around your purchases and to keep you informed of our actions and events. We collect and store the information that you have shared with us in a safe way.

Below you can read our complete privacy policy. Do you have any questions? Please contact our customer service. They will gladly help you.

1. Privacy policy, as of May 2018

This is the Privacy Policy of OGER Holding B.V. (hereinafter "OGER"). OGER considers the protection of your personal data as very important. We process your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679, hereinafter the "AVG"). In this Privacy Policy we explain, among other things, what personal data we collect, for what purposes and on the basis of which groundwork. We do this on the basis of the different ways in which we obtain personal data. We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. We therefore advise you to consult the Privacy Policy regularly. The privacy statement has been changed for the last time on 22 May 2018.

1.1 Who is responsible for the processing of personal data?

OGER is a leading institute with shops across the Netherlands and Belgium and various digital marketing and sales channels. The websites of OGER can be found on and (hereinafter the "Websites"). The person responsible for all personal data processing operations listed below is OGER Holding B.V., Kwadijkerkoogweg 23, 1442 LA Purmerend (Chamber of Commerce: 36043565).

1.2 What personal data does OGER collect and for what purposes?

Purposes and bases registered customer: The registration of a customer (hereinafter “Registered customer”) aims to improve the experience of customers and increase satisfaction, including through personalized communication with information, offers, promotions and events that are geared as much as possible to preferences and interests. Also on the Website you will see content that fits your interests. Moreover, we fill in online and in your Customer Account your measurements and other preferences. As a registered customer you have access to your digital receipts and your online purchase history via your customers Account (via the Website), so that you can always find them again. We recognize online via your e-mail address and customer Account.

Participation in the OGER customer program is voluntary and free of charge. Of course you can also make purchases in the OGER stores and online without using your personal account.

The basis for processing your personal data within the framework of the Registered Client Program is to execute the agreement with you, namely the registration for the customer program. In order to determine your preferences and interests, use is also made of information obtained on the basis of your consent with cookies or similar techniques. You can withdraw this permission at any time. We can also use your data for analysis and optimization purposes (on a non-personal level). The legal basis for this is a legitimate interest of OGER in understanding how customers use our services in order to improve and optimize them.

Registering for the Registered Client program: Becoming a registered customer is simple and can be done in different ways. You can register via the Website or in one of our stores. To become a registered customer, you or one of our employees creates a Customer Account in which you or one of our employees enters certain (personal) details.

When you register for the regular customer program, you declare that you are 16 years of age or older, or that you have permission from your parents.

Information linked to your Customer Account: By analysing your use of the different services of OGER, we can better tailor our services and communication to your needs. Part of the Registered Client program is therefore that we link available information about you and add it to your Customer Account, including your interests, brand preferences, (online) purchases and information about your use of the Website and other services of OGER, such as Tablet Assisted Sales.

Managing your Customer Data: Via your Customer Account on the OGER site you can set and manage your preferences and interests for the registered customer program. The following settings can be found in your Account:

✓ Sign out for the entire Registered customer program.

✓ Set up and change interests.

✓ Sign out for certain communication. This way you can sign up or unsubscribe from the newsletter.

1.2.1 Web shop Account

We use your data to ensure that you can easily place follow-up orders on the website and for processing your order. The legal basis for this processing is the implementation of the agreement with you. If you have registered for the newsletter, your purchase data will be used to adjust the newsletter to your interests.

1.2.2 Order as a guest

If you want to make an online order without creating an account, we ask you to fill in information that we need for processing the order and to contact you about your order. The legal basis for this processing is the implementation of the agreement with you. We also use your data and website usage to (on a non-personal level) compile statistics and demographic reports on the use of our website. In this way we have more insight into the use of the service and we can improve the technology. The legal basis for this is a legitimate interest of OGER to understand the use of our services and to improve our processes.

2. Customer Service

If you contact or use the services of OGER customer service, we collect the following information as necessary:

    • E-mail address
    • Phone number
    • Content correspondence
    • Call recording in case of telephone contact
    • Name, address and place of residence
    • If you contact via Chat; also your IP address, on which page you are located when you start the chat and the referrer.

We use this information in order to respond as well as possible to your complaint, request or question, in order to implement the agreement with you. We store your question in order to be able to assist you better later on and to analyse your customer satisfaction, which is based on the legitimate interest of OGER in improving its services.

3. To whom is OGER providing your information?

OGER may use the services of third parties to process your data in accordance with this privacy statement. These third parties act as processors for OGER and OGER ensures that these parties offer sufficient guarantees regarding the technical and organizational security measures. Third parties that act as processor for OGER have concluded a processing agreement with OGER that includes, among other things, that they will only process your data on behalf of OGER. OGER can also offer services in cooperation with other parties. These parties can then be involved in the execution of an agreement with you. You will always be informed about this when you use such a service.

Furthermore, OGER only provides data to third parties with your explicit permission or if required to do so by law and regulations, it is obliged to do so as a result of a lawsuit and / or in case it deems it necessary to protect it.

4. How do we protect your personal data?

Duty of confidentiality, in trainings importance avg with all third parties processor agreements, active processing agreement send OGER has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss or any form of improper processing. For example, we use a firewall and we have taken encryption measures to prevent unauthorized third parties having access to data. It is logged who has (had) access to the user data. Employees who have access to the data are trained in advance and instructed how to deal with these data. They also have a contractually established confidentiality obligation. 

5. What are your rights?

5.1 Inspection and correction

If you want to know which personal data OGER processes from you and for what purposes, you can contact OGER via You can also request changes or corrections of your data. If you are younger than 16, such requests must be made by your parent (or legal representative). OGER will respond to your request as soon as possible, but no later than within four (4) weeks.

5.2 Objection

You can at all times object to the use of personal data for marketing and / or (further) receipt of (certain) marketing information by contacting our customer service via In the e-mails or other messages sent by OGER, an opt-out option is also included. If you use this, you will no longer receive such messages. You can not log out for necessary service messages.

5.3 Disposal

If you want OGER to delete your personal data and / or your account, you can request this by sending an e-mail to It is possible that some personal data are stored after the removal request, for example if this is necessary for the settlement of placed orders or if there is a legal obligation to keep the data.

5.4 Limitation of processing

If you have valid reasons to request a limitation of the processing, for example because you dispute the correctness of the personal data that OGER processes, or you objected to the processing of personal data by OGER, you can request this by e-mail to send to

5.5 Data portability

If the processing of personal data by OGER is based on your consent and is carried out by automated processes, you have the right to request that the personal data you have provided to OGER be obtained in a structured, standard and machine-readable form. You can request this by sending an e-mail to

5.6 Withdrawing permission

When a processing of your personal data is based on your (explicit) permission, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time, without this affecting the lawfulness of the processing on the basis of the permission before its withdrawal. 

5.7 Complaint

If you have a complaint about the use of personal data by OGER, you have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

6. Cookies

We strive to inform you as openly and as completely as possible about cookies that are used on Cookies are used by us to improve your ease of use on our website and to filter advertisements and other content according to your interests. Below you will find a further explanation about cookies and similar techniques, for which they are used and how, if you wish, you can opt out of cookies. Through this webpage we will keep you informed about the developments concerning cookies.

6.1 Regulations on cookies in the Netherlands

On the 5th of June 2012 new regulations came into force with regard to the use of so-called "cookies" on web pages. These rules are included in Article 11.7a of the Telecommunications Act (Tw). The new regulations also relate to your privacy. Your privacy is of course important to us and therefore we would like to inform you on this subject on this page. 

6.2 What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on a computer, telephone or tablet. The cookies are read by the browser (including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox) when opening an internet page. The creator of a cookie determines what he places in the cookie concerned with text files. 

As long as you do not enter any personal data on the site visited by you as a user, the cookie can not contain this information either. There are direct and indirect cookies, also called first and third party cookies. Cookies are in principle not dangerous; they are not computer programs and can not be used to distribute computer viruses. 

OGER uses techniques similar to cookies, such as link tracking. In link-tracking, elements are added to the URL, on the basis of which we can recognize you when you click through our marketing e-mails to our website. 

Undoubtedly you will already have experience that companies place cookies on your computer, tablet or phone. OGER uses the following type of cookies:

  • Functional cookies: Cookies that are necessary for online shopping
  • Analytical cookies: Cookies that help us to find out what can be improved on the website or in newsletters.
  • Tracking cookies (first and third party): Cookies that are used to record surfing behaviour so that it is possible to make targeted offers on different domains or to display (product) content. currently uses the following cookies: 

6.3 Functional cookies:

  • OGER: Cookies that are necessary for online shopping. 
  • Adyen: Cookie used for security purposes in the area of payments.
  • ROBIN: Cookie that makes it possible to contact us via live chat and other ways via contact button. 

6.4 Analytical cookies:

  • Google Analytics: A tracking service that helps us to find out what can be improved on the website. 
  • Google Tagmanager: A service that helps us manage the measuring pixels.
  • Hotjar: A feedback service that helps us to find out what can be improved on the website.
  • Newrelic: A monitoring service that helps us to find out what the performance status of the website is.

6.5 Tracking cookies:

  • Awin: Cookies that check if and when a user has purchased a product after seeing and clicking on an advertisement on an Awin partner website. This information is used to measure the effectiveness of advertisements from third party sites within the Awin network. Awin uses session and permanent cookies. The content of the permanent cookie is limited to an anonymous identification number. Name, IP address or other details about your identity are not stored by Awin and they do not create individual profiles of you as a user with regards to your browsing patterns. Awin cookies store information when a visitor clicks on an Awin affiliate link. Information such as the time of the click, or an order that was placed and from which site you were referred to, are stored. Persistent cookies from Awin remain active for thirty days. 
  • Barilliance: Cookies that gather information about how the website is used in order to make the session more relevant and to show the right products and content.
  • Facebook: Cookies that collect information about how a user uses the website. This information is used to show the most relevant ad on third party sites (Facebook) for a specific user. Facebook uses session and persistent cookies for its advertising products.
  • Snapchat: Cookies that collect information about how a user uses the website. This information is used to show the most relevant ad on third party sites (Snapchat) for a specific user. Snapchat uses session and persistent cookies for its advertising products. 
  • Google AdWords: Cookies that collect information about how a user uses the website. This information is used to show the most relevant ad on third party sites (Google) for a specific user based on your recent searches. Google Adwords uses session and persistent cookies for its advertising products.