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The Family Lusink is synonymous with clothing and style. Or rather: synonymous with well-dressed men in suits.

As a family-owned company, we are very proud of our family roots.The company was established by the three brothers Lusink. In 1989, Oger Lusink started the company with his brothers Martin and Rob, which resulted in the first store at the P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam in 1990.

Nowadays, we see different family members in different positions in our company. Oger's two sons, Martijn and Sander, are the most familiar faces. Martijn has been CEO since 2017 and Sander leads the Marketing and PR department as Brand Director. Our businesswear department, which focuses on different markets like finance and football clubs is managed by Patrick Lusink, one of Oger Lusink’s cousins. Patrick's son, Joey, is the newest addition to the company. He joined the buying and creative team after his studies in Florence, Italy. Last but not least, Oger Lusink’s other cousin Yvette, is responsible for the financial management in the role of CFO. In 2018 OGER counts about 150 employees. We are now preparing for our 30th anniversary in 2020.